On the territory of KUBANA you can find several stages, two camps (ordinary and VIP), food-court, autograph-session lounge, entertainment lounges and the beach. You can choose the pass with the options that you need:

  • HOLA pass - RUB 3 000

Unlimited access to the venue during one day of the festival (from 12.00 till 10.00 of the next day).

  • AMIGO pass - RUB  7 500

Unlimited entrance to the territory of the festival during all the KUBANA days.

  • VIVA pass - RUB  9 000

All the options of AMIGO combined with camping grounds facilities (a place for a tent, showers) and access to the autograph-sessions lounge.

  • LIBRE pass - RUB 15 000

All the options of VIVA, plus separate entrance to the concert venue, restaurants with stage view and separate beach.

  • COMANDANTE pass - RUB 60 000

All the options of LIBRE, backstage access (except for the dressing-rooms), individual transfer from the airport or train-station in Kaliningrad, accommodation in the hotel ANNA (Yantarny settlement) (pedestrian access to the venue, all the facilities, 3 meals daily, if less than two persons, then it's possible you'll get a neighbor), concierge desk.
After buying this option, please inform us on info@kubana.com with the subject: Comandante. Provide us with your name and contact phone number.

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