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14-19 August.
Check-in check-out time?
Coming soon.
RUSSIA, Black sea coast, Veselovka village.
Stay tuned – the news coming soon.
What's the ticket price and where to buy?


On the territory of KUBANA you can find several stages, two camps (ordinary and VIP), food-court, autograph-session lounge, entertainment lounges and the beach. You can choose the pass with the options that you need:

  • AMIGO pass - RUB 9100

Unlimited entrance to the territory of the festival from 14 to 19 August.

  • VIVA pass - RUB 11000

All the options of AMIGO combined with camping grounds facilities (a place for a tent, showers) and access to the autograph-sessions lounge.

  • LIBRE pass - RUB 15000

All the options of VIVA, plus access to the secret parties, choice of any camping ground, separate entrance to the concert venue, restaurants with stage view, separate beach.


MAGIA KUBANA allows upgrading any type of pass. To upgrade AMIGO to VIVA you need one UPGRADE-MK, from VIVA to LIBRE you need two UPGRADE-MK, from AMIGO to LIBRE you need three UPGRADE-MK.

  • COMANDANTE pass - RUB 60000

All the options of LIBRE, backstage access (except for the dressing-rooms), individual transfer from the airport or train-station in Anapa, accommodation in the nearby recreation camp (all the facilities, 3 meals daily, if less than two persons, then it's possible you'll get a neighbor), concierge desk.
After buying this option, please inform us on with the subject: Comandante. Please, write us your name and contact phone number.

Format of the festival?
KUBANA has no definite format. It is a celebration of live and interesting music on the coast of the Black Sea.
What are the nearest big settlements?
Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar.
How can we get to the festival?
KUBANA is in Yantar settlement (Veselovka). You can get there by bus from Anapa, Taman, Temryuk, Krasnodar and Novorossiysk.
Is it possible to get one-way bus tour and stay at the settlement after the festival?
You can't do that. Bus tour is a full transfer to the festival and back («city X – KUBANA – city X» and tickets for all day of the festival), but you can discuss the possible variants with the promoters of the bus tour from your city.
How can we organise a but tour for KUBANA?
We usually offer reduced prices. You can get an oofer by e-mail – just send a letter to with the subject «A bus tour» . Check the details on the correspondent page.
How can I get a ticket for a bus tour?
You can buy that from the promoters. The information is available on the web and in Vkontakte community.
How to take part in the festival if you are a young or not very young band?
The contest is over.
When does the festival start?
The bands start performing in the second part of the day and finish early in the morning. But Fun at KUBANA is round-the-clock!
How can I get a job at KUBANA-2014?
Follow the news at the official KUBANA page.
How can I get a credential?
The page for press starts working closer to the festival dates.
Can I buy a one-day pass for the festival?
Follow the news.
How can we change e-tickets for the blacelets?
The number and barcode are in our database. Then the cashier will change the ticket for the bracelet.

ATTENTION!!! NEVER do the copy of your ticket and don't upload the scan of the ticket to the Internetas the barcode is deleted from the database after the scanning. So if you make a copy you risk that somebody uses your barcode and you won't get the ticket at the venue.

When buying the tickets your passport details are needed. Is it possible to buy several tickets with my details? Won’t there be any problems at the exchange stalls?
Yes, you can buy several tickets. But you have to show your passport and the payment receipt.
I buy tickets as a present in Euroset shops. Can people change the ticket to the bracelets at the venue without my passport?
Yes, they can but they need payment receipt and copy of your passport.
If I decide to buy the tickets right at the venue, will they be available?
The tickets for KUBANA are ALWAYS available!
Are minors allowed to the festival?
According to the law of Krasnodar region, minors mustn’t stay unsupervised after 10 p.m. The same is true for KUBANA.
Do we need to pay for a child?
Children with the height under 120 sm have free entrance.
Is it allowed to take pets to the festival?
All pets are strictly forbidden at the territory of the festival.
Is swimming really forbidden after 10 p.m.?
Yes, due to the safety rules it’s forbidden to swim after 10 p.m.
The list of things that are forbidden to take to the territory of the festival:
  • Any drinks including alcohol in any containers (except drinking water in plastic bottles).
  •     Any food.
  •     Telescopic fishing rods and flags.
  •     Weapon: firearms, gaseous, pneumatic, cold steel and all that can equate to it: thrust-cut weapon, rods, spokes, self-made knives, pins, nails etc.
  •     Manicure scissors, files etc.
  •     Narcotic and psychoactive substances.
The list of things that are forbidden to take to the territory of camping grounds?
  • Any drinks including alcohol in any containers (except drinking water in plastic bottles).
  •     Any tined food in glass pots and cans.
  •     Boiled sausage.
  •     Fresh meat or fish. Any perishable products.
  •     Weapon: firearms, gaseous, pneumatic, cold steel and all that can equate to it: thrust-cut weapon, rods, spokes self-made knives, pins, nails etc.
  •     Primus stoves, kerosenes, burners, gas-cylinders. It’s forbidden to make fires in the camping grounds.
  •     Inflammable liquids.
  •     Any glass containers including hookahs with glass bulbs.
  •     Narcotic and psychoactive substances.
Feel free to bring:
  • Documents (passport, driving license). It will be allowed to take a copy of passport at the festival.
  •     Insurance medical policy (copy is better).
  •     Mobile phone.
  •     Warm clothes. It can be cool at night.
  •     Spare change of clothes.
  •     Sun blocks, hats, swimsuits are OBLIGATORY!
  •     Cash.
Are there luggage boxes at the festival?
The information is coming.
What about showers?
The information is coming.
What is the situation with the trash at the festival?
We are doing our best to make the festival cleaner. The cleaning process will be provided by commercial cleaning company, housing services and utilities and eco-volunteers. We also plan to use special programmes to reaise the ecological awareness at the festival. Check the updates to get the details!
What can we eat and drink at the festival?
There are a lot of cafes at the festival to serve different tastes. We will organize the food-court. You can also eat in the neighborhood settlement.
Is there necessity to book a place for a tent and parking if you buy tickets beforehand?
The information will be posted soon at the BUY TICKETS page.
What is a VIP-camp?
Separate showers, toilets, restaurants and camping.
Where is VIP-camp situated?
Not far from the sea, next to the main stage.
What is a VIP-entrance?
This entrance is not far from the stage and there are less people.
Can we book festival tickets?
You can book all the tickets through our call-centre. All the information is available there. You can also book from any ticket-seller but they book only for 24-hours period.
Can I ensure my bracelet?
  • RedKassa