KUBANA-2014 – final chords or The show must go on?

Music festival KUBANA-2014 took place in Veselovka, Krasnodar Krai, August 14-19. For the last 6 years it became an international music event that gathered hundred thousands of guests from Russia, the CIS and Europe. This year KUBANA presented farewell 6-days marathon on the Black Sea.

The celebration started with a tribute band for Queen - Dios Salve a la Reina, or God Save The Queen. Dozens of the Queen masterpieces were performed by Pablo Padin, whose striking resemblance with legendary Freddie Mercury deeply amazed the audience. Vasiliy Vakulenko’s new project NINTENDО and Killer Honda, whose drummer is the participant of KUBANA-2012 Nike Borzov, rocked the secret party of the opening day.

One of the most anticipated events of the second day was the show of Mumiy Troll. The audience has been looking forward that show for all six years of the festival.

Japanese Moi Dix Mois became the headliners of the third day of the marathon and impressed the audience with their bright show.

Special guest of the farewell KUBANA Valery Leontiev presented his programme on the fourth day of the festival. He couldn’t imagine such warm welcome from the audience. Leontiev even asked: «Are you kidding me?!» Not at all! Everything there was alien for his shows – fusees, circle-pits, audience singing out loud and loud cry: «Va! Le! Ra!» but it was genuine. 

The fifth day was rich with well-known Russian names, including permanent participants of the festival Elysium. They invited the producer of the festival, Ilya Ostrovsky, on stage to perform the anthem of KUBANA.

The final day of the festival had a powerful line-up. Before the show of South-African freaks Die Antwoord several thousand strong crowd organized a flashmob. All the audience raised the paper with #kubanaisalive, seeing off the beloved project. After the farewell set of KUBANA’s friends, KORN, the sky was lit with an amazing firework display, accompanied by a symbolic Queen The Show Must Go On.

But that wasn’t the end of KUBANA. The audience went to the TURBO-stage where the second secret party took place. After the performance of SMEKH and Little Big the secret marathon was supported by Leningrad.

More than 30 bands from all over the world went onstage of KUBANA-2014: NAÏVE, Matisyahu, Dolphin, Bastille, Bad Manners, Madness, Scooter, Zebrahead, Less Than Jake, Louna, Noize MC, The Qemists, Vanilla Sky, Zdob Si Zdub, Nogy Svelo! and many others.

Traditionally KUBANA was not the place only for the music. Every day there were several activities on the vast territory of the festival. The most popular zone was Viber-area with comfortable bar and the movie-house. Everybody who downloaded KUBANA sticker set was awarded with a T-shirt «Viber me maybe?». The pirate house of Captain Morgan, set on the beach, was also a popular attraction round-the-clock. Here you could get the Black Marks and then exchange them for the presents. On August 19 Henry Morgan with his morganets showed everyone who was the captain there and threw a party!

As usual we had a KUBANA autograph-session lounge that also served as a place for the workshops of the musicians. Zona Zvuka and The Russian Reporter hosted the place.  

The bonuses were also rewarded to the subscribers of Planeta.ru. They supported the project to raise money for the farewell movie about KUBANA-2014.

LADA Granta Liftback presented one more attraction, where everyone could check the cars and art-object – 3D-picture, created during the festival.

Everyone who couldn’t join us in Veselovka was able to follow the event through the on-line broadcasting.

«It’s hard to say what’s next. Life goes on and maybe I’ll make some festivals» - Ilya Ostrovsky, KUBANA producer.

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