KUBANA was held for the second time in Lucavsala, Riga. From 11th to 14th of August 30 artists performed on the stage of the festival. Rock, punk, hip-hop, drum’n’bass and electronic sets – this is what promoters have organised for the guests of four-day music marathon. Bright and diverse line-up with artists from all over the world – key factor, which makes KUBANA a unique international festival. This year among headliners were such bands as GARBAGEGUANO APESMOLOTOVNOFXTHE SUBWAYSTHE 69 EYES and ENTER SHIKARI. And also as a special guest, the revered VAKHTANG KIKABIDZE has stolen audience’s heart.

Before musicians go on stage and between their performances, guests had a chance to choose any entertainment they wanted – from doing a graffiti on an old bus to going to a real circus. Flying a hang glider, visiting a photo exhibition, participating in different master classes and quests, extreme zorbing, fitness trainings – these and many other platforms couldn't let anyone get bored.

On the 11th of August at night powerful guitar riffs mixed with breathtaking drums made rain and clouds fly far away from Riga. But how could it be different, if NOFXTHE SUBWAYS and ENTER SHIKARI have opened the stage! The first to hit the stage were THE SUBWAYS from Great Britain - not only have they brought rock’n’roll spirit, but also started the four-day festival. NOFX, punk-rock clowns from USA, have never been to Riga before. And their debut, without any doubts, was a success. Their spontaneity and a bit cynic humour instantly made the crowd go crazy. The main program was closed by old friends of KUBANA – ENTER SHIKARI. These Brits, as always, have brought an emotional and sensuous musical performance.

TURBO Stage, for those who don’t sleep at night, was taken over by THE PRODIGY frontman MAXIM and electronic music by SKAZI from Israel.

The second day of KUBANA has made a powerful impression on the audience – BRUTTO & LYAPIS were on stage. The band led by Sergey Mikhalok started with their explosive hits and ended with a selection of songs from LYAPIS TRUBETSKOY. Latvian ska-punk ALL DAY LONG was also warmly greeted but the guests of the festival. But what did send the audience into ecstasies was the performance of GUANO APES. Sandra Nasic’s strong voice as well as the sound of a guitar will remain vivid in the memory of everyone for a long period of time.

The third day of KUBANA was rich in events. The program was so interesting, that no one could leave the main stage even for a second. The legendary Ukrainians VOPLI VIDOPLIASSOVA started the day. Despite the cold weather, well-known hits made everyone dance, so the crowd quickly warmed up. They were followed by IAMX. Chris Corner, wearing leather, was in sharp contrast to the rest of his band – half-naked drummer and two girls in revealing outfits. IAMX quickly brought the atmosphere of mystery and took audience’s breath away. After that KUBANA’s special guest VAKHTANG KIKABIDZE went on stage. VAKHTANG KIKABIDZE started his performance with a joke, danced a little and sang different songs from his extensive repertoire – from well-known hits to folk songs.

Then punks took over the stage! The member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the only living member to receive the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Marky Ramone performed with MARKY RAMONE'S BLITZKRIEG and its new members. The third day was closed by the pioneers of gothic rock THE 69 EYES from Finland.

No one was bored that night! Those who love to dance and party in the dark time of the day enjoyed their time with CHASE & STATUS and DOLPHIN.

The last day of the festival started with a performance of a new punk-band from Riga FRELLANCERS. They not only played their best hits, but also songs from their new album «Glory comes» on the main stage of KUBANA.

Dressed in red tracksuit, Russian rap-legend Vasiliy Vakulenko, as his most aggressive alter-ego NOGGANO, performed at the main stage. His catchy refrains were followed by hard-rock NASHVILLE PUSSY. ESKIMO CALLBOY turned heat to the maximum with their mix of pop, electronic music and deathcore. Before anyone got burned, MOLOTOV went on stage with their refreshing Latino rock. But the last act of the last day, as well as of the whole festival, was GARBAGE concert. Charming Shirley Manson brought all of her hits to KUBANA. Huge stage, unbelievable lightning show, high quality sound, Riga and rain - the gala finale of the four-day festival just couldn’t be better.

Even though this year KUBANA is over, but, judging by KUBANA’s outcome, it should be said that the new story of the festival, which started last year in Riga, has all rights to be continued there in future.

«Festivals like KUBANA usually mustn’t and shouldn’t exist on the territory of Russian Federation. But for six years we had our festival in Russia. This is more an exception rather than a rule. It could have been organised anywhere we’d want: in Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, but not in Russia. And we did have a lot of foreign artists and guests: from CIS and non-CIS countries. We may say that after moving to Riga the historical justice has been done», – resumed the producer of KUBANA festival ILYA OSTROVSKY at the press-conference.

Last year KUBANA found a new hospitable home in the capital of Latvia. The promoters of the festival managed to re-create a unique atmosphere there, which had become a reason for many people to come back to KUBANA all over again and again, no matter where the festival took place.

KUBANA’s history started in 2009 in Krasnodar region, Russia. Exactly then the first festival happened in Veselovka village. For several years KUBANA turned from a local act into a huge international music event that attracts thousands of guests from all over Russia, CIS and Europe. More than 300 musicians visited KUBANA. Among them are System of a Down, The Offspring, Madness, Gogol Bordello, The Prodigy, KOЯN, Guano Apes, SUM 41, Brainstorm and others. Among Russian participants of KUBANA are Mumiy Troll, Bravo, Leningrad, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Lumen, Louna, Dolphin, Kasta, Bumbox. KUBANA fans especially fell in love with unusual guests of the festival – stars of an soviet musical culture Valeriy Leontiev, Mikhail Boyarskiy, Uriy Antonov.

In 2015 with support of Riga’s Duma the promoters were able to build infrastructure needed for the festival including a massive stage, camping, food court and even attractions in an unbelievable short time.

KUBANA surfed the Baltic wave and gathered more than 40 bands and 15 000 fans. The promoters cracked a lot of problems and proved KUBANA would always keep it’s head above water.

KUBANA will bring a load of cool music, unforgettable adventures and a lot of smiles. Amazing old Riga’s town is included.

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