«Sveiki, Rīga!»

Each year KUBANA attracted dozens of thousands fans of open-air active recreation and contributed to the tourist industry of Krasnodar Krai, taking it up on the whole new level. Due to the difficult geopolitical situation of 2014 the general producer Ilya Ostrovsky announced the closeout and named it The Farewell KUBANA. But all at once in December 2014 the producer declared that the festival would come alive in 2015. The renewed KUBANA-2015 is taking place in August 6-9 in Riga.

For six years KUBANA turned from local act into an international music event that attracts thousands of guests from all over Russia, CIS and Europe. 

KUBANA is popular not only with the fans but also with top bands from all over the world – from Japan all the way to Canada. They consider it the best Russian festival. More than 300 musicians visited KUBANA. Among them are KornSystem Of A DownMadnessThe Offspring, Gogol BordelloScooterThe ProdigyGuano ApesEnter ShikariInfected MushroomDie Antwoord, PendulumJuno ReactorSka-PMisfitsWu-Tang clanBullet for my ValentineThe GazetteEmir Kusturica and many others. Among Russian participants ofKUBANA are Mumiy TrollBravoLeningradLyapis Trubetskoy, LumenLounaDolphinand others.

KUBANA is the first Russian member of the European Festival Association YOUROPE, twice nominated for the European Festival Awards and made it to the top10 European festivals.

«This is the beginning of new history. And we start from almost a blank sheet! But it is still the same KUBANA that all the lovers of live music love and respect.

I hope that the new address will be appreciated by the fans of the festival and will surprise them. It opens up new vistas for our creativity. I believe that the festival will move to a new level» says Ilya Ostrovsky, general producer of KUBANA.

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