We announce KUBANA-2016 as an antirecessionary festival!

Nothing and nobody could darken KUBANA-2016. That is why we start selling tickets at special, fantastic prices!

So what is HOLA OPENING? It is a ticket for the first opening day of KUBANA-2016. A lot of you know we always prepare something special and unusual for this day. In 2013 it was the theatrical performance “Time of the Gypsies” of Emir Kusturica, in 2014 – tribute show Queen, special Infected Mushroom show in 2015. What to expect this year? You will figure it out soon! Anyway hurry up, for now HOLA OPENING price is 14, 99 EUR only!

What is next? RIGA SPECIAL. This one allows you to visit a show of a headliner of any day only. So you don’t need to pay more for the whole festival day and you can enjoy your favorite band only! The price is 14,99 EUR!

Now it is HOLA time! It is the ticket for any one day of KUBANA, except opening day (non-permanent entrance without possibility to leave the venue and come back, costs 24,99 EUR). AMIGO is the ticket for all days of the festival – 49,99 EUR. LIBRE - VIP - 99,99 EUR (VIP-zone, separate entrance to the venue, parking next to it, a restaurant with a stage view, separate beach, access to the FAN-zone and meet&greet zone, valid for all days). COMANDANTE – 499,99 EUR (VIP-zone, separate entrance to the venue, parking next to it, a restaurant with a stage-view, separate beach, access to the FAN-zone, meet&greet zone, the pass to the backstage (except dressing rooms), private transfer from Riga's airport/Railway Station, 3 nights in a hotel (accommodation for 2 people in the room) within walking distance from the venue, three meals a day, concierge service, valid for all days).

Important news. To help you save some money we created special a CAMP ticket. You can add this one to any kind of tickets, if you are planning to stay in our camp. This ticket is valid as long as your festival ticket is valid (for one guest, we don’t provide tents, you have to bring your own with you).

FAN-ZONE ticket (14,99 EUR) gives you an opportunity to get to meet&greet zone and fan-zone (very close to the stage). Valid only in the presence of any festival ticket, except COMANDANTE and LIBRE (already included).

And finally here goes MAGIA14,99 EUR. This one upgrades HOLA or AMIGO to VIP for one day. For example if you have AMIGO you can buy two MAGIA and get all LIBRE privileges for two days. Cool, right?

Hurry up! It is time to get your ticket!

For residents of Latviabilesuserviss.lv
For residents of Lithuania: bilietupasaulis.lt
For residents of Estonia: piletilevi.ee

All info at KUBANA.COM

Looking forward to seeing all of you at KUBANA-2016!

We announce KUBANA-2016 as an antirecessionary festival!
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  • 04.02.2016
    Once again the international festival KUBANA will be taking place in Riga, Latvia from 11 to 14 of August. And once again it will turn Lucavsala island located in the city center into a real island of freedom!
    Last year KUBANA found a new hospitable home in the capital of Latvia. The promoters of the festival managed to re-create a unique atmosphere there, which had become a reason for many people to come back to KUBANA all over again and again, no matter where the festival took place.
    “Moving to a new house is a mess. But it is a fun and crazy mess, which opens up new opportunities. All KUBANA’s kids, don’t you worry, you will love the festival at our new home. KUBANA is alive, no kidding!” says the festival producer general Ilya Ostrovskiy.
    KUBANA’s history started in 2009 in Krasnodar region, Russia. Exactly then the first festival happened in Veselovka village. For several years KUBANA turned from a local act into a huge international music event that attracts thousands of guests from all over Russia, CIS and Europe. More than 300 musicians visited KUBANA. Among them are System of a Down, The Offspring, Madness, Gogol Bordello, The Prodigy, KOЯN, Guano Apes, SUM 41, Brainstorm and others. Among Russian participants of KUBANA are Mumiy Troll, Bravo, Leningrad, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Lumen, Louna, Dolphin, Kasta, Bumbox. KUBANA fans especially fell in love with unusual guests of the festival – stars of an soviet musical culture Valeriy Leontiev, Mikhail Boyarskiy, Uriy Antonov.
    In 2015 with support of Riga’s Duma the promoters were able to build infrastructure needed for the festival including a massive stage, camping, food court and even attractions in an unbelievable short time.
    KUBANA surfed the Baltic wave and gathered more than 40 bands and 15 000 fans. The promoters cracked a lot of problems and proved KUBANA would always keep it’s head above water.
    KUBANA-2016 will bring a load of cool music, unforgettable adventures and a lot of smiles. Amazing old Riga’s town is included.
    August 11-14, Lucavcala island, Riga, LatviaTickets: Bilesuserviss.lv. Special price starts at 14,99 EUR. Hurry up 'cause special price tickets are limited!
  • 04.02.2016
  • 11.08.2015
    KUBANA gloriously rocked in Riga!
    KUBANA gloriously rocked in Riga!
    International music festival KUBANA has rocked Riga and became a bright event that unexpectedly sprang up in the center of Latvian capital. From 6 to 9 of August Lucavsala island turned into the Island of Freedom. About 15 thousand people visited it during these days. Among them almost 6 thousand people came from Russia to Riga especially for this event.
    «I am glad that KUBANA has found new home – beautiful, welcoming and cosy. Everyone who came to KUBANA in Riga has fallen in love with this city and I am sure will come back! – says Iliya Ostrovskii, producer of KUBANA. – Thank you, Riga, for your help and support which we needed so much! I hope that KUBANA will become a new bridge that helps to save and build up friendship between Latvian and Russian people. Viva KUBANA! Viva Riga!»
    The preparations for the festival were held in extremely short dates, but by the time of arrival of the first guests all the infrastructure on the island was ready. Show venue, huge stage, camping grounds, the beach, food-court and fun fair – everything was on place. But the most important was the atmosphere everybody value the festival so much. It stayed the same.
    KUBANA-2015 hosted more than 30 bands from Russia, Belarus, the Great Britain, Holland, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. For four days of the festival we have seen and listened to such bands as HIM, D12, Hollywood Undead, GUS GUS, Leningrad, Dolphin, Bravo, Infected Mushroom, Trubetskoy, Skindred, NAÏVE, Koza Mostra, Animal JazZ and others. Known for its multiform festival stayed true to itself and invited a special guest Lev Leshchenko whose performance was welcomed most warmly and sincere. The crowd of rock lovers yelled his name and gave encores. After the show kubanoids formed a long line to the autograph-session zone to meet Lev Leshchenko face to face.
    KUBANA was honored by the visit of the mayor of Riga. Nil Ushakov came to Lucavsala twice – at the grand opening and to see the show of Leningrad. «It's a great chance for Riga to get this new format of city event, new music and new bands», – mentioned the head of Latvian capital.
    And KUBANA’s success is in great sound and magnificent stage, together with well-chosen line-up and coherent work of all the festival departments. This year KUBANA team was truly international – promoters from Russia, light engineers from Czech Republic, sound engineers and stage structures from Poland, public utilities from Latvia. And even if we consider KUBANA-2015 to be experimental festival, quickly moved from Russia to Latvia under anything but simple circumstances, we can confidently say that everything went exactly as it has to be at true European festival of the high level.
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