As we promised, on August 9 the Palace of Sports in Yantarny is going to have a show marathon that we’ve decided to name ANABUK.

Today we’ve finally decided on the line-up of this unprecedented show. So, here they are:

Enter Shikari (UK)
D12 (US)
Animal Jazz (RU)
Trubetskoy (BY)
Elyzium (RU)

7 hours of life music, the bands from 5 countries of the world and what’s more important – only the chosen ones will be able to see all of that on stage! That’s why it is called an unseen festival!

ANABUK is a totally new festival form, a whole new music era that starts on August 9. We are sure that soon the unseen festivals are going to spread all over Russia. The distinctive feature of them is that not everybody can witness them! And if you have wind in your head, the surf in your heart and forever summer in your soul, then the unseen festival is your choice!

We know that many of you have planned your holidays and can’t change the itinerary and some of you can’t get your foreign passport, and some are just too lazy to leave Kaliningrad. That’s why we’ve made everything possible to minimize your inconvenience, сaused by the cancellation of KUBANA.

Of course you have a lot of questions: Where can you buy the tickets? What’s the price of this unique unseen festival? What to do with KUBANA passes?

ANABUK pass:

  • Fan-zone – 3000 RUB.
  • Stands – 2500 RUB

All of those with HOLA passes can automatically get to fan-zone.

Those who have multi-day passes can return them to where they have been bought and then you can buy ANABUK passes.

For those who have decided to use their multi-day passes and go to KUBANA in Riga we allow to visit ANABUK for free. You have only to show KUBANA-2015 wristband at the entrance to the Palace of Sports in Yantarny and get to fan-zone for free.


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  • 22.06.2015
    After an unexpected cancellation of KUBANA in Kaliningrad region, we’ve got a wide range of offers from dozens of regions of Russia and near abroad, ready to host our festival. We had a close look and estimated the feasibility of each of them. Friends, we are thankful beyond the measures for every offer, for your open doors and hospitality. Thank you for being ready to host our little Coast of Freedom that recently started to remind a travelling circus. But we were getting ready to spend our summer on the Baltic Sea that’s why we’ve chosen Riga!
    Few days ago the Mayor of Riga Nils Ušakovs had a meeting with Producer General of KUBANA Ilya Ostrovsky. They agreed that on August 6-9 an international festival KUBANA would be hosted on Lucav Island, in the centre of Riga, thus turning KUBANA into true Island of Freedom.
    This Thursday the State Duma of Riga is hosting an extended meeting of city administration with the headquater of KUBANA, where they are going to discuss the details of organization process of KUBANA-2015.
    We haven’t forgot about the residents of Kaliningrad region that planned to visit KUBANA-2015. By their requests we are organizing a club gig marathon of the bands that were to have show on Yantarniy Beach.
    Don’t miss the details of the additional benefits for those who have already bought KUBANA-2015 pass – the announcement is coming soon!
    Look for the details on the official web
    And we say: «Sveiki, Rīga!»
  • 01.06.2015
    Retro-trance from Israel, noise killer and dirty dozen from America – KUBANA is glad to present bright and juicy mix of new members of line-up.
    Retro-trance from Israel, noise killer and dirty dozen from America – KUBANA is glad ...
    No decent festival goes without good rap. Even more so is KUBANA! And we aren’t talking about young and green boys, singing about chicks and rides. We mean true American hip-hop that appeared in troubled neighborhoods and experienced rumble of criminal world. This is all about iconic D12. Kuniva, Swift, Fuzz Scoota, Bizzare и Eminem – these names are well known to every hip-hop lover. Together they are D12 (Dirty Dozen). Their songs have headed hit-lists of the USA, Great Britain and Australia. They have sold millions of CDs and the members of the band manage to have a career in movies or their own projects.
    D12 is an iconic hip-hop band from Detroit. It’s the most influential rap-band of 90’s and 00’s, the true school of life that so many popular artists graduated years ago. And for their first time in Russia they’ve chosen KUBANA. From the end of 90’s we could see D12 tattoos on Eminem’s shoulder. For all the members this band is a true family, no matter who takes part in this or that moment of the touring or recording. The tragic death of two members – Bugz and Proof who died during a gun-fight, was a great loss for all the members of the family. All of them got tattoos in the memory of their friends. Despite successful career of every D12 member, numerous rows, scandals, twists and turns within the band and outside (Everlast, Limp Bizkit), the band goes on. And it’s hard to suggest what these guys will show us at KUBANA! The rumors of Eminem leaving D12 accompanied Dirty Dozen for as long as we can remember. But no matter what he took part in all the albums of the band, even though it was quite difficult to combine their tours. We won’t even gamble who exactly will come to KUBANA this time. And for sure the main question of these days is whether Eminem is going to put on amber on his neck. Yo, amigos!
    You can say that trance and retro can’t be combined. But that’s only at first sight. A true party animal of 90’s miss good old days when electronic music was plain and simple, without pile of computer stuff on stage. And especially for these nostalgic people Infected Mushroom prepared a special programme Old School Live. This band is one of the oldest participants of KUBANA and our good friends. And every year they come up with new ideas, always amazing the guests. This time they are going to rock the Night Stage with their special programme Old School Live, performing the way they did in the end of 90’s when they became popular. Time traveling, trance in its original state – call it what you want, amigos. But don’t forget to dance!
    Jake Stanczak aka Kill The Noise began his career in producing remixes not so long ago – in 2008. But for the time passed he managed to work with such monster of electronic stage as Skrillex and legends of alternative metal KORN that kubanoids love so much. His gloomy creations from great videos of Kill The Noise will make good on dark nights. On the Night Stage of KUBANA this Killer will be a king of dubstep, house and drum’n’bass. But don’t be afraid – despite his somber videos he is a nice fellow.
  • 29.05.2015
    KUBANA-2015 offers you panic happiness!
    KUBANA-2015 offers you panic happiness!
    KUBANA-2015 line up expands day by day, but devoted kubanoids don’t stop demanding new headliners and all of international level and winners of different awards. They want to see the idols who sold ten million CDs. And it's time for such heroes! So be in awe!
    And panic if you still don’t have a KUBANA-2015 pass, as Americans Panic! At the Disco will occupy Libre Stage. They are true experts that bring circus performance to their shows and quote Chuck Palahniuk in their lyrics. You don’t often see a ballerina, a dwarf, asword-swallower and a clown on the stilts on stage but Panic! At the Disco can afford this and many other things! Showmanship is in their blood and every video of this band is a short movie. Besides, brilliant costumes and bright stage make their shows unforgettable.
    Panic! At the Disco doesn’t limit itself by traditional pop-punk. They think large and use various and rich orchestrations. Their creative range is so wide that they combine magnifisent cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and positive hardcore of the same name song where Brendon Urie shows you that besides traditional vocal he likes to play with growling and scream. By the way Mister Urie tours with his two dogs and his golden mic. Chanses are that the dogs will stay at KUBANA backstage but you will definitely enjoy the golder mic. Truth be told, Panic! At the Disco will grace KUBANA-2015. And let the panic happiness embrace us all!
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