KUBANA continues to make electronic blows: Knife Party, Pegboard Nerds and Lets Be Friends.

KUBANA never sleeps because there is so much great music in the world and we want to show you, amigos, as much as possible. Today we want to announce three electronic bands that are going to come to the Coast of Freedom for the first time.

This news can turn your heads so you may want to sit for a while. The former members of Pendulum - Garret Makgrillen and Rob Swire – created a new super-successful electronic project Knife Party! This band is well-known from their first gig on Ibiza in 2011. The mix of high-quality electro-house, drum’n’base, aggressive brostep and plaintive moombahton just drives us crazy!

Three powerful EP, collaborative tracks with disheveled electronic artists and one of the most popular ring-tones of the last years «Internet friends».

So, amigo, prepare your shoes and be ready to dance non-stop to the boldest electronic bits of Knife Party at KUBANA!

There is northern electronic music waiting for you at KUBANA. Here comes Dutch-Norwegian duet Pegboard Nerds!

Michael Parsberg and Alexander Odden created unique music style, mixing complextro, brostep, moombahcore, glitch-hop and others. This August the band will plunge you into the vortex of dance ecstasy. It took these guys only a couple of years to turn the world base-stage unpside-down with their popular dubstep and electro-remixes and tracks.

Their new go-pro video of Pegboard Nerds «Hero» collected more than 2.5 mln viewings less than in 24 hours.

And they will fit KUBANA just fine with their energetic mix of electro, dubstep, jazz and hip-hop!

And the third band for today is British Lets Be Friends!

These bright representatives of dancing stage describe themselves as «Full Flavor Dance Music». Their first EP was released a year ago and the song «One Big Hoover Monster» for two weeks was in the top of Beatports Electronica Chart.

Lets Be Friends will come to KUBANA with their world tour and turn the Coast of Freedom into the true British dance-floor.

KUBANA continues to make electronic blows: Knife Party, Pegboard Nerds and Lets Be Friends.
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  • 07.04.2014
    Triple blow of local music - VSOP at KUBANA!
    Triple blow of local music - VSOP at KUBANA!
    Amigos, you probably thought there were no local bands left that hadn’t been to the Coast of Freedom yet. Have you been waiting for so long that you have stopped believing in miracles?Calm your breath. You are about to receive the triple blow of K-vitamin. These bands came to the Russian rock-horizon long ago and it will be indeed their first time at KUBANA.All hands on deck! We’ve received «SOS to sailor»! And the band we have been waiting for all these years, Mumiy Troll, is finally here.They performed in the crater of an active volcano at Kamchatka; set a record for The Guinness Book of Records by giving performance in two end points of Russia at the same day. They circumnavigated the globe and in the end of 2013 made a huge fuss by the rumors about the band break-up. But the frontman of the band announced that they are not breaking up, they are going for the new treasures!And now we know where they are going to look for them. That is the only place in the world where the most famous sea wolves haven’t put their feet yet. That is KUBANA!At KUBANA-2014 you are going to get the full set of Mumiy Troll with all their hits. But who knows what to expect from Lagutenko and Company? Anyway, expect unexpected.The second long awaited band is from Ukraine.Who can call for the spring better, than this brilliant frontman? Vopli Vidoplyasova with Oleg Skripka are going to perform no matter what is going on in the world. This will be their first show at KUBANA! Our Coast of Freedom doesn’t recognize any political disputes.Rock, folk, punk – this is the crazy mixture that will hit KUBANA this year! This is their time! The previous autumn the band released their 10th long-play and recently the band has started working on cover-album with songs of Victor Tsoy, Nautilus Pompilius and even The Queen! These Ukrainian rockers are something special. You can start learning their songs with powerful ‘Spring, come to us’!And here is the third KUBANA surprise for today. For five years we have been wondering if Korol’ and Shut would be invited for the festival. But every time we could give no answer.Amigos! Welcome with a storm of applause – Severny Flot. This band is created by the former members of Korol’ and Shut.Their show at KUBANA is going to be one of the first gigs of the band. And in May they promise a release of their first album.«We want to make our CD as much ‘European’ as possible. Mikha always tried to step aside of the ‘Russian rock’ and we always helped him. We could play whatever we wanted and however we wanted and he could make this a masterpiece. Now we are on our own and we don’t have a second chance for the first album, so we have to make everything proper at once. We have to make it the best! It will not be gentle, but also don’t look forward to hardcore» told us the vocalist Alexander Leontiev.Good mood and only the best music – that’s verified and proved at KUBANA!
  • 13.03.2014
    Night KUBANA dance: you just can’t stop!
    Night KUBANA dance: you just can’t stop!
    To get to know the names of new KUBANA heroes just close your eyes, raise your hands and get ready to dance. It’s time for electronic music and rave! You won’t even notice how your legs will remember simple moves and your body will follow 140 beats per minute. TURBO stage welcomes true masters - dubstep DJ Rusko and genius of exquisite drum’n’base Chase & Status. Everybody will dance, no exceptions!While most of dubstep musicians count on powerful and aggressive sounds, British Rusko keep saying that his music is for happy people. His cheerful and fervent dub has been already named «Happy and heavy». Maybe this positive attitude was formed when he mastered bass-guitar, saxophone and piano in reggae- and ska-bands. In his two albums he mixed bass section with Jamaican motives.  Dubstep and reggae – how do you like this cocktail? That’s how rough music turns into the rays of kindness.Rusko shows are absolutely crazy and you just can’t describe them. There are several lorries that carry giant decorations for the shows. There are 3 meters tall RUSKO letters, each of them consists of 150 light bulbs and they move. It’s not a DJ Set; it’s a musical poltergeist.British duet Chase & Status is well-known all over the world. It has 5 Drum & Bass Awards and was nominated for the Best British Band. Each of release is in rotation of BBC. Chase & Status became famous for their powerful drum’n’base hits and work with international stars. They composed for Rihanna & Snoop Dogg, remixed tracks of Foo Fighters and even The Prodigy. Do you feel the scope?But more important is that Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status) don’t rest on their laurels and continue to develop and experiment.  They even added live instruments and vocal of MC Rage. So we are destined to listen to the brightest electronic in the world.
  • 06.03.2014
    Best of the best – several generations of British music at KUBANA-2014!
    Best of the best – several generations of British music at KUBANA-2014!
    We prepared you a special spring surprise. Everybody knows that girls love romantic guys and that’s whom we are going to discuss. First of them are legendary Madness that conquered so many women’s hearts. Then go true heroes of today – indie-rockers from Bastille. What can we add? That’s just it!What do we know about a new wave that washed over the music world in 70s and 80s? That was the time of music revolution in rock when nothing was left from pure genre. It was replaced by eclectic style of mixed punk-rock, electronic, pop, disco, ska and experimental music.  And every age has its hero. In new wave it was London band Madness. They mixed the elements of ska, rock and Motown sound.Welcomed at all the festivals of the world, Madness headed UK Top 10 Singles Chart for 17 times. And one of their main hits Our House was performed at the Closing Ceremony of Olympic Games in London.Madness music is still popular today and the musicians continue to please their fans with new albums. Their last CD Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da was released in 2012. Da Da – you will hear all the hits this summer at KUBANA!Another guest from Foggy Albion is an alternative rock-band Bastille who is going to visit Russia for the first time with the only gig! Their first album Bad Blood, released a year ago, came to the top of British Chart and is still there. And yet Bastille has announced the second album. «Our second CD will better cast the vision of our music. It’ll be sharper. Right now we are writing music in close cooperation with all the members of the band» – says the frontman Dan Smith.Recent award «Breakthrough of the year» at BRIT Awards made Bastille a welcome guest of the main festivals around the world, starting with Coachella and straight to KUBANA. We guarantee you choir singing of Things we lost in the fire and Pompeii!KUBANA prepares only the best for you!
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