Zemfira performs at the opening of Amber KUBANA!

No need to add anything else.

Zemfira performs at the opening of Amber KUBANA!
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  • 12.05.2015
    Amigo, it’s not long before KUBANA starts. But don’t panic even if you still have no clue how to get to the Baltic Sea or where to crash from 6 to 9 August.
    Our official partner tavel agency «Baltma Tours» will help you. For all the guests of KUBANA-2015 they offer special price for the accommodation in the hotels as well as tours and transfers around Kaliningrad.
    Also «Baltma» will provide you with the list of documents that you need during this trip and will assist you with their filling out.
    See you at Yantarny settlement of Kaliningrad Region on August 6-9. KUBANA is almost here!
  • 06.05.2015
    May abundance – the next trio of KUBANA-2015!
    May abundance – the next trio of KUBANA-2015!
    A true kubanoid measures the time by a quantity of the days till KUBANA-2015. So with every day it gets better as the сherished trip to Kaliningrad gets nearer! And new participants of KUBANA continue to light up the world.
    Already announced Hollywood Undead and GOMAD! & MONSTER aren’t the only lovers of masks. So we are glad to announce one more bodacious artist who covers his face. It’s the first time that Russia welcomes an Italian producer and DJ Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots. His mask looks like the b&w Spiderman or as they call him in Russia – Badass Spiderman. Rifo jumps the same. His project The Bloody Beetroots has two guises – a live band with a guitar and drums and DJ-type, fully electronic. Both are mind-boggling projects that make you dance till you fall! There are lots of unexpected remixes together with EP «Cornelius» that made it to the top-purchases on iTunes in 2008. KUBANA will host a DJ-set The Bloody Beetroots (SBCR DJ set), so his avant-garde mixes will please сrazy kubanoids at night.
    A new Animal JazZ album named «The Guardian of Spring» captured the essence of spring itself. Inspired romantics from St.Petersburg remain in the forefront and their new hit «Here and Now» is highly popular on the radio. We don’t have to mention the love of kubanoids to this bright, ambiguous and slightly mysterious band. For five times in a row their show became one of the most emotional at the festival. Their vocalist Alexander Mikhalych Krasovitsky, the owner of a velvet tenor, like no other can shed all the emotions on stage accompanied by hard guitars or piano. We are looking forward to the vets of KUBANA Animal JazZ on the new place in a romantic settlement Yantarny.
    And the last but not the least participant for today is good old Elysium that changed the lyrics of their songs to dedicate it to KUBANA as an unofficial KUBANA hymn. Inspired space-rock of these guys from Nizhny Novgorod has always highlighted the atmosphere of the festival, sunsets and sunrises on the beach, love, friendship and the spirit of freedom. With their ska and bright punk-rock, beautiful tromba solos and unexpected covers Elysium easily turns every gig into the bright and emotional show that we all love. So welcome the participants of pre-party KUBANA at Yantarny!
  • 30.04.2015
    European invasion at KUBANA!
    European invasion at KUBANA!
    Have you thought that’s it? Far from it! We are here to present the new trio in the line-up of KUBANA-2015.
    To our utmost surprise Paris is not only a fashion capitol but also the homeland of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! These guys mix positive pop-punk with melodic-core and post-hardcore, spicing it with bits of humor. France isn’t not a country often to be presented at our festival, not to mention the representatives of highly popular easycore. That’s why we can say that Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is a rare and welcomed guest of KUBANA. The young followers of New Found Glory, these Frenchmen easily became popular. They have recorded two highly successful albums and cover-version of Smash Mouth’s «All Star». Сheerful videos, nice faces, drive guitar music – that’s the mix that made Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! the idols of ladies’ part of their fans. No doubt that their sunny and energetic music will become a great soundtrack for your summer time on the sand of the Baltic Sea.
    More mature guests will come to KUBANA from rough Sweden. One of the most popular heroes of Scandinavian rock-stage, winners of Swedish Grammy, Backyard Babies is considered to be an extremely popular band. Backyard Babies play the badass kind of glamrock – sleaze-rock, which differs by garage and punk tones. And that how they are on stage – unstoppable, mature, sexy and sweaty. And how can they be different when they do their best every second of the show! Rock’n’roll is their lifestyle and being a rock-star is not a role but that’s how they feel every moment of their life. To the great disappointment of the fans in 2009 the band decided to go on a 5-year long hiatus. But in 2014 they gathered together to release a new album in 2015 and come back on stage. And we all know what the best stage for the reunions is… That’s KUBANA!
    One more representative of Scandinavian stage is from Finland. Welcome HIM at KUBANA! These guys need no intro. His Infernal Majesty Ville Valo calls their style love metal. And this style helped a lot of Scandinavian bands on big stage of Europe and America. Ville Valo was called new Jim Morrison, he was сompared to Brian Molko and Iggy Pop, but he always remained himself. He charmed Russia as well – since the end of 90’s and up to now HIM is the icon for many thousands of Russian fans, from romantic schoolgirls to severe rockers. Philosophical texts about love and death, one handsome singer, romantic ballads mixed with hard-rock rhythm and appealing Gothic atmosphere will add to romantic mood of a kubanoid during HIM show at KUBANA. The most popular band of Finland is coming to Yantarny settlement as one of the headliners and will rock the stage of restored KUBANA with a full show!
    Don’t forget that this is not the full line-up. A lot is yet to be announced so don’t waste your time and buy the tickets or upgrade them with MAGIA KUBANA and SUPER MAGIA KUBANA while they are still available!
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