Amigos, I have made a difficult decision for myself and cannot keep silence anymore as long as it would be unfair to all of you. KUBANA 2014 will be the last one. Circumstances are stronger than us. We have been got used to give joy to all of you during these years, work miracles, move mountains.

I appreciate your staying with us these hard times. But not everybody is ready to love KUBANA unconditionally and I am not the one to judge. I got used to move on. But it became impossible these days.

Believe me, there is no one in the world who loves KUBANA more than I do. And this story ending will remain a deep scar on my heart.

KUBANA ends, but life does not.  Moreover, it goes on, as we have a great chance to set fire of the Island of Freedom from the 14th till 19th of August that its flame will light our hearts on forever!

I will be overjoyed to say good-buy to each of you personally, cause this chance is not gonna happen ever.

Come on you all! It will be the last and the best KUBANA in your life!

  • 23.07.2014
    A surprise premiere! Die Antwoord for the first time at KUBANA-2014!
    A surprise premiere! Die Antwoord for the first time at KUBANA-2014!
    Amigos, we are sure that you haven’t expected new participants of KUBANA. The schedule is already out, everything is sorted. But here we are!  That’s when our motto «Impossible is possible» works for 100%. Here is the band that hopped into the last carriage to KUBANA-2014. They are loved and hated simultaneously. Great and terrible Die Antwoord are going for the first time to the Coast of Freedom. True South African freaks Die Antwoord with their multimillion viewers on YouTube are rocking the festival line-up. Blowing lyrics, bright image, aggressive sound – all that is what you gonna enjoy in the middle of August at KUBANA. There is no other chance to see that live performance. Don’t miss it!
  • 09.07.2014
    Unexpected results of music contest KUBANA-2014!
    Unexpected results of music contest KUBANA-2014!
    Amigos, you probably have followed the contest on And you know that it was finished more than 2 weeks ago. All this time we tried to contact the winners of this year Regra 4 band from Brazil. We suppose, the World Cup or tropical rain kept them from answering us. So we decided to invite the winners of the previous year, Krooked Treez, whom all the guests of the Coast of Freedom caught the fancy of. Our friends from Belize are coming back to KUBANA, to danced Veselovka up. So get your most fancy cap, write down Krooked Treez and rock KUBANA-2014 with these great guys.  See you at KUBANA-2014!
  • 08.07.2014
    KOЯN is back to KUBANA!
    KOЯN is back to KUBANA!
    We will not say much. KOЯN is back to KUBANA - what's more to say?Are you ready?!
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