Another striking international trio of amber KUBANA!

Amigos, we’ve decided not to torment you by long wait and present you a new trio of bands! They embody all the great variety and ingenuity of KUBANA with no borders – whether neither musical nor geographical. Judge for yourself – Greek folklore, romantic trip-hop and Russian punk-rock all in one news!

In 2012 all kubanoids were kept on toes by gypsy camp Gogol Bordello that tossed a party with singing and dancing on the sea. This year we presented this opportunity to young Greeks from Koza Mostra, which perform in rebetiko style. Infused with national folklore with mixture of Balkan tunes and ska, Koza Mostra songs get everyone going at once. In 2013 their most popular song «Alcohol Is Free» created a stir at Eurovision contest where they got the 6th place. Harmonica, tromba, guitars and drums – that’s a small orchestra of hot Greek guys that will raise heat on the Baltic Sea. Right now Kosa Mostra is working in the studio with a famous composer, the father of Greek Sirtaki, Mikis Theodorakis. So, amigos go learn the moves that you’ll need at KUBANA-2015.

Hear and tremble, night lovers of KUBANA-2015, as for the fourth time the festival will host the main Russian Romantic. Some know him from rap-band Malchishnik, some got to know him in 2000еs when every radiowave aired «Vesna» and «L’ubov» and new generation knows him as a poet. And it’s all about Andrew Lysikov, whom we all know as Dolphin. For KUBANA-2015 he’s prepared an exclusive set to show something new not only in music but also in emotions. The previous year became extremely active for Andrew as he released a new album «Andrey» that became an absolute hit of iTunes, and he also released his book of poetry. Sleepless nights of KUBANA are closer, amigos.

And this news is for those who fancy the leaders of Russian punk-rock! We mean NAÏVE band that’s been around for more than a quarter of the century. Their reckless history and songs reflected the chaos of 90es, and in 2000 they rightly became iconic rock-band. After a long hiatus from 2009 to 2013 they performed at KUBANA-2013, which they chose as the best stage for their comeback. And this year they will rock kubanoids with their loud show again. Besides their proven classic hits NAÏVE will also perform their newest songs «Troyka», «Drugie» and «Na predele» that continue to top charts of the Russian radio-stations.

Amigos, you are about to start the most interesting journeys of this summer! August 6-9, KUBANA invites everyone to the Baltic Sea of Kaliningrad Region, to Yantarny settlement!


Another striking international trio of amber KUBANA!
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  • 25.03.2015
    Sinister masquerade at KUBANA-2015: a new trio of bands!
    Sinister masquerade at KUBANA-2015: a new trio of bands!
    Amigos, we know that you have been waiting for the KUBANA-2015 participants. And we are ready to announce three of them! 

    The tradition to wear masks and make-up in rock bands dates back to 70s. The first ones were KISS and Alice Cooper. In 80s demonic King Diamond succeeded them, and in 90s Marilyn Manson picked up the slack while 00s Slipknot became the kings of masks.
    The old heroes give place to the new ones and  nobody doubts that the main masks of here and now hide the faces of Americans Hollywood Undead. Chic boys bartered away the glossy life to live high-stakes drama of harsh reality and with every show they rush towards success. You can witness rock-masquerade of Hollywood Undead on the main stage at KUBANA-2015.
    Hollywood Undead was formed exactly 10 years ago, in 2005. These Hollywood zingers skillfully mix hip-hop with melodic refrains, heavy guitar chords with elements of dance music. Such mixture together with bright suits and make-up raised the band to the rank of first-magnitude rock-stars. In March the band is presenting their new album «Day of the Dead». You'll hear the songs from this album at KUBANA, along with such hits as «We Are», «Dead Bite» and others.
    In 2013 KUBANA  admired Spanish Ska-P. Now we have a completely new side of Spain, filled with harsh air of gothic neighborhood and the energy of secret parties. Masks' show will continue on Turbo Stage with a young band GOMAD! & MONSTER. They call their style rave&roll and their debut album «Rotten», released the previous year, blew up the dancing halls with its rough sound and crazy rhythms. Scary Halloween characters of these musicians could be seen at all the European dance festivals of the previous summer. KUBANA keeps up with the world trend and looking forward to GOMAD! & MONSTER!
    The faces of the last band for today you know pretty well.  They are the heroes of rock-festivals and electronic events. Twice they have witnessed and took part in KUBANA movement. In 2015 like the old vets they’ll show who wears the pants. The stars of post-hardcore, trance and dubstep Enter Shikari are to be seen at KUBANA again! This time the British will surprise us with their album «The Mindsweep» that traditionally was released at their own label.
    Three bands, three chances to switch on the full speed and leave your imprint on the white Baltic sand.
    Amigos, you are about to start the most amazing journey of this summer! August 6-9, KUBANA Invites everyone to the Baltic Sea of Kaliningrad Region, Yantarny settlement.
  • 16.02.2015
    The first and the loved bands of KUBANA-2015!
    The first and the loved bands of KUBANA-2015!
    After agonizing suspense we shower you with the news. We are so ready to satisfy your hunger for what organizers have in store for you. To dispel your doubt whether to buy the tickets or not we announce the first trio of KUBANA-2015 participants. They are your always favorite Bravo, Leningrad and Trubetskoy. The participants of these bands have always been vocal about their sincere love for KUBANA and have always supported us. So our choice was obvious. And you loudly sing along their songs from romantic Bravo to devil-may-care songs of Leningrad. And Trubetskoy show will be an original premiere to us all.
  • 16.02.2015
    The new address has got so many advantages!
    The new address has got so many advantages!
    First of all the seaboard Yantarniy settlement where KUBANA-2015 takes place makes you forever forget about the nightmare of the dust and scorching sun that melts your brain and body. Here we have piny air, comfortable summer temperature and the sea where you can plunge into after the hot shows.  Yantarniy has the broadest beach in Kaliningrad region covered with soft white sand. And we don't have to tell you how much you love the beaches and everything they offer. Yantarniy beach is different from the others as once in a while you an find there pure amber stones.  Unlike Veselovka, Yantarniy isn’t a desert in the middle of nowhere. Yantarny is full-fledged European resort with moderate prices, great service, beautiful nature and civilization. Welcome to the West!  The other factor important for the travelers is an easy access. Yantarniy is only 40 km away from Kaliningrad (30 km from the airport) and you can easily get there by car, by taxi or by KUBANA coach.  Get a wiggle on! Today we start selling one-day HOLA passes!
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