KUBANA festival is held in Veselovka settlement (Yantar). It's possible to get to the village by buses from: Anapa, Taman, Temruk, Krasnodar, Novorossiysk.


The nearest cities are Anapa (60 min by bus), Taman (15-20 min by bus), Temruk (30-40 min).

From Novorossiysk to Veselovka settlement (Yantar) you can tale a bus № 626. It stops in Anapa, Taman and Temruk. Phone number for information in Novorossiysk: +7 (8617) 250249
There are several ways to get to Veselovka from Anapa:
  • Transit bus Novorossiysk – Veselovka (Yantar);
  • Route taxi Anapa – Volna with stop in Taman. ou need to change the transport in Taman and take the bus or taxi that goes to Veselovka settlement (Yantar);
  • Bus Anapa – Taman, and there you take the bus or taxi that goes to Veselovka settlement (Yantar).
Phone numbers of Anapa's bus station: +7 (86133) 56861 – ticket office, +7 (86133) 56897 – directory inquiries.

How to get to Anapa:
  •  By plane. Official site of the airport in Anapa city http://www.anapa-airport.ru
  • By train. Railway station of Anapa is situated in Verkhnee Djemete village , 7 km from Anapa city. Phone number of railway station in Anapa: +7 (86133) 33186 – information bureau, buy tickets: http://rzd.ru
It is possible to get to Veselovka from Taman by transit buses with stops in Taman, phone number for information: +7 (918) 1202183:
  • Novorossiysk – Veselovka village (Yantar);
  • Temruk – Veselovka village (Yantar);
  • Krasnodar – Veselovka village (Yantar).
How to get to Taman.
  • By train to Novorossiysk. Crimean or Tonnelnaya station ( 335 km from Anapa city). Next go by bus or taxi to Veselovka village (Yantar). Phone number for information (86133) 33186. Phone number to take a taxi +7 (86133) 30101, +7 (86133) 20000, +7 (86133) 66333.
There is a straight bus Temruk – Veselovka (Yantar). Also there is a transit bus with stops in Temruk, phone number for information in Temruk: +7 (86148) 52822:
  • Krasnodar – Veselovka village (Yantar);
  • Novorossiysk – Veselovka village (Yantar).
There is a straight bus to Veselovka settlement (Yantar), also there is a bus Krasnodar – Taman. In Taman change transport for a bus goes to Veselovka settlement (Yantar). Phone number for information in Krasnodar: +7 (861) 2624271.

How to get to Krasnodar:
  • By plane. Airport of Krasnodar +7 (861) 2387222– information service.
  • By train. Railway station of Krasnodar is situated in the city centre (Privokzalnaya square 1), +7 (861) 2620887 – phone number for information.
There is a straight bus available from Gelendjik to Temruk. Next change transport to bus that goes to settlement (Veselovka). Phone number for information +7 (86141) 33537.

How to get to Gelendjik:
  • By plane. Airport of Gelendjik +7 (86141) 99009 – information service.
It's possible to take a train from Ukraine to the festival. You come to the train-station in Kerch (Crimea), next by ferry from Port Crimea to Port Caucasus. Then catch a passing car and go to Taman city, after that by bus, taxi or passing car to Veselovka settlement (Yantar). Information bureau of ferry station in Kerch +380 (6561) 69507. Buy tickets +380 (06561) 69588.

Attention! Don't forget to check the bus-schedule beforehead!

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