Music pioneers at KUBANA – Dead by April, Zebrahead & Vanilla Sky.


Swedish metalcore of Dead by April, American punk-rock of Zebrahead and Italian pop-punk from Vanilla Sky for the first time at KUBANA!

Amigos, it seems that we are risking to loose you during over-the-top hit «Losing You» from popular Swedish metalcore band Dead by April. Although their genre in quite hard, they sound peacefully, dividing their songs on familiar verse-refrain scale. Sometimes that was a matter of reproach from the devotees of pure genre, but we like it.

Dead by April début album was released in 2007. But only after signing the contract with Universal Music two years later, they reached the international stage with their hit «Losing You», which blew up the world charts. The band went on a successful world tour, including Europe, Japan and Northland. Today they released a new album and they are going to present it at KUBANA as a part of а Let the World Know Tour 2014!

Music tempering for kubanoids!

You wanted punk-rock party? Here you go! American band Zebrahead will rock the Coast of Freedom with their positive heavy music mix of punk, rock and hip-hop. And it’s gonna be hot! The next year the band celebrates their 20th anniversary but for now they are criss-crossing the globe with a raving success.

Zebrahead shared the stage with Green Day, Less Than Jake, Kottonmouth Kings, 311, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger and even produced a song «His world» for Sonic the Hedgehog game. The amazing thing is that the band plays to full house in… Japan! So, amigos, we shall check what will happen on the equator of the East and the West, on the Coast of Freedom!

«We’ll shine together»… Once they did Rihanna impression with this line. And we know that you have to mean what you say. So this summer Italian guys from Vanilla Sky are going to shine together with us at KUBANA!

The starting point for these guys was 2002 when Vanilla Sky released their demo-CD. It impressed all Europe and Russia and was sold out in two months. However their real breakthrough was album «Waiting For Something», released in Italy, Germany, Austria, France, England, Japan and Argentine. And then they had a two-year tour across Europe.

So, amigos, it’ll be interesting to check the color of the sky at KUBANA. May be it’ll be vanilla.

Music pioneers at KUBANA – Dead by April, Zebrahead & Vanilla Sky.
  • RedKassa