Unexpected results of music contest KUBANA-2014!


Amigos, you probably have followed the contest on Sonicbids.com. And you know that it was finished more than 2 weeks ago. All this time we tried to contact the winners of this year Regra 4 band from Brazil. We suppose, the World Cup or tropical rain kept them from answering us. So we decided to invite the winners of the previous year, Krooked Treez, whom all the guests of the Coast of Freedom caught the fancy of. Our friends from Belize are coming back to KUBANA, to danced Veselovka up. So get your most fancy cap, write down Krooked Treez and rock KUBANA-2014 with these great guys. 
See you at KUBANA-2014!

Unexpected results of music contest KUBANA-2014!
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