The next trio of KUBANA-2014: made in Russia!


They say, «Old friends and old wine are the best». And we totally agree. So welcome those bands that go side by side with us for a long time.

The reunion and comeback of this band became one of the brightest events of KUBANA-2013. Legends of Russian punk-rock NAÏVE are coming back to KUBANA. Celebrate, Russia, your main punk-heroes will rock the main event of this summer. Loud singing and circle-pits are included.

As LOUNA band sings «My life is rock’n’roll now». And that’s so true! Rock’n’roll is not only music for this band, but also its life-style. Moving, feminine and brave vocalist Lou Gevorkyan together with daring and energetic men will rock KUBANA with her powerful voice and sincere songs. This year they will show us a sneak-peak of their special programme with acoustic part. So sing up and let’s go!

The sea, the sun, the dusk and summer breeze, new friends and a beloved person… All of these are parts of KUBANA. And what comes to mind when we speak about romantic evenings? Of course it’s Animal JazZ. Their music is the best soundtrack for love. What can be better than sing along their songs and hug your beloved person? And remember: «You can do whatever is impossible!» verified by Animal JаzZ at KUBANA.

Stay in touch! We don’t stop!

The next trio of KUBANA-2014: made in Russia!
  • RedKassa