KUBANA presents new trio of the participants: Scooter, Less Than Jake and Spector!


Unbelievable but true! Welcome legendary German electronic Scooter, ska-punk from Florida Less Than Jake and indie-rock Spector from Foggy Albion at KUBANA for the first time.

Finally Scooter, the adepts of happy hardcore, will come to the Coast of Freedom! Amigos, for the last year H.P. Baxxter not only cured his vocal cords, but also trained them so that he would know How Much is the Fish in Veselovka.  Wild Russian audience has always loved the energy of their shows. And the only goal of Scooter is to get everyone going with their wild mixture of techno, trance, house and happy melodies. And they have been doing it easily for the last dozens of years. So the second year in a row we announce Scooter for the first time at KUBANA! And this time it’s going to be LIBRE Stage! Fire!

Punk! Where is punk? In Florida and at KUBANA! Less Than Jake gathered together in 1992 in Gainesville. First they were  power-pop trio which soon grew into ska-punk with post-grunge, heavy-metal, alternative rock and pop-punk. These guys have conquered hundreds of stages all over the world and in August they are coming to Russia for the first time, to show KUBANA top class punk!

And here are the descendants of The Killers and The Strokes, London quintet Spector who is going to come to Russia for the first time and straight to KUBANA. They started the band in 2011 with single Never Fade Away and warm welcome of demanding British audience showed that these guys had great future! Spector was nominated for prestigious and important award Sound Of 2012.  And then followed the tours, their first album, being special guests at Florence and the Machine shows. Day by day they gain popularity!

Dynamic music mix of classic, garage and indie-rock with a hint of electronic music with accompaniment of sea breeze and the sounds of surf…  That’s Spector at KUBANA!

And that’s not the end!

KUBANA presents new trio of the participants: Scooter, Less Than Jake and Spector!
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