Art should belong to the people! The film about KUBANA-2011 in the authorial distribution on


Amigos, as usual we think about your comfort. Do you want to show the film about KUBANA to your parents? Or maybe you want to watch it on your mobile phone screen right from the bus?

There is no problem! We made special «authorial» distribution on in some versions. Download that one you like most of all!

TV-version (MKV)
Extended fan-version (MKV)

Life shows change interviews with festival headliners, backstage shootings follow guests comments. Best moments from the shows on day and night stages, girls in bikini, tattooed guys will make you regret that you haven’t been at KUBANA-2011!

It’s time to plan your holiday, buy tickets, call your friends and be going to KUBANA. You have already known that this year KUBANA will rock for 5 days. And it means that there will be more music, more sun, more sea and more all day long party! So the next year you’ll be able to tell your friends with pride «Look at me in this film»! In film that we are going to shoot with you at KUBANA-2012!

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