So, Amigo, it’s time to announce the band that will close the main stage after five days long marathon of KUBANA-2012. And of course this name has to be as hot as KUBANA is!!!

When we hear the name of this band, we imagine Hollywood hills, orderly palm rows along the coast of the ocean, crazy young guys jumping on their bikes, girls in short skirts, twenty-four-hours parties and loud rock. We want to see our KUBANA exactly like that. So today we announce the participant we couldn’t even dreamed about some time ago! Legendary The Offspring will burn the coast of Black Sea at KUBANA-2012 this year!!!

The Offspring videoclips opened to us the doors to sunny Californian kingdom at the dawn of MTV epoch in Russia. The Coast of Freedom is glad to greet one of the most successful punk-groups in history! The musicians will come to Russia this time for the only exclusive show at KUBANA.

In 90th The Offspring gave a new breath to punk-rock style, made it free from ordinary style borders. And wasn’t a surprise that this Californian quartet with blond funny frontman managed to sell million copies of its albums. We all are waiting patiently the release of its new album «Days Go By» this June. The band will play the songs from the disc specially for KUBANA guests! Of course there will sound the main bands hits that had burned up all world music charts! For starters the band has already shared with fans with two singles from «Days Go By», that don’t let us doubt that The Offspring are still full of life punk-rockers from hot California whom we know and love. It means that they have to be on our Coast of Freedom!

  • RedKassa