strova media«STROVA Media» company and its head Ilya Ostrovskiy, famous music producer, who works with leaders of Russian rock music: «Tarakany!», «Kirpichi», «Priklucheniya elektronikov». Ilya Ostrovskiy is a founder and general producer of independent record label «FM molchit Records», which gave a great chance to many alternative stage young artists; producer of festivals «KUBANA», «SIRENA», «School of Loud Rock», «Punk-romance», «High School of Punk», and such social events as «Dance4Life», «Reasonable man, reasonable choice», «Anti-aids», «Gonna live!», «Virgin book» and others. «STROVA Media» company organizes Russian Tours for Russian and foreign artists, makes large-scale music festivals and makes promotion of alternative stage artists on the music market.

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