Amigos, we were so carried away announcing our foreign guests, that you, probably, began to wonder if we haven’t forgot about our Russian participants. No, we haven’t! Moreover, we start with the sensation! As you all know, we have never stinted sensations for you!

In 2009, during the first KUBANA festival, that band went into sabbatical leave; otherwise they would for sure come to the Coast of Freedom! After 20 years on the top of Russian punk-rock Olymp in 2008 NAIV decided to take sabbatical leave.

We grieved but deep in the heart we believed that this legendary punk-quartet would reunite and satisfy the fans with many great shows. And KUBANA is also famous for uniting the bands and those who stayed too long in the leave return to their shows.

What’s more, it’s hard to choose more ideal moment – this year not only KUBANA has its anniversary, but also NAIV is celebrating 25th anniversary. Of course such an event should take place on the sunny stage with dozens of thousands of fans. Leading by the fans favourite charismatic Alexander Chacha Ivanov, the band will perform all the hits and we are sure – they are back in full glory!

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