KillSonik & Dream Mclean (UK)

KillSonik & Dream Mclean (UK)

Dubstep lovers know very well that KUBANA will never deprive them of the most interesting projects of this style! We continue our music feast at the Coast of Freedom and proud to present you a new band – fresh but already known to Russian fans KillSonik.

Young, but extremely modern dubstep formation from London – KillSonik duet – was born on the basis of Chasing Shadows. Luca Gulotta and Joe Erskine started their separate career in the middle of 2011 with the remix of Crush On You of the other London duet Nero. As everybody does now, they uploaded the track on the YouTube and got more than million viewers during the first week. Hollywood filmmakers couldn’t ignore such a breakthrough and soon Odyssey was used in the high-budget fantastic blockbuster Battleship. And after that the musicians were invited to take part in the soundtrack for Forza 4.

Dark, thick and viscous electronic sound of KillSonik has almost shamanic influence on the audience. Justly they named themselves KillSonik – their moto is «Kill things sonikally». So, these guys know how to work with the sound and how to make it a weapon firsthand! And what else does a true dubstep lover need?

It’s worth mentioning that at KUBANA Dream Mclean will join the duet. So get your most comfortable shoes and get ready to dance till the dawn!

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