Mumiy Troll (RU)

Mumiy Troll (RU)

All hands on deck! We’ve received «SOS to sailor»! And the band we have been waiting for all these years, Mumiy Troll, is finally here.

They performed in the crater of an active volcano at Kamchatka; set a record for The Guinness Book of Records by giving performance in two end points of Russia at the same day. They circumnavigated the globe and in the end of 2013 made a huge fuss by the rumors about the band break-up. But the frontman of the band announced that they are not breaking up, they are going for the new treasures!

And now we know where they are going to look for them. That is the only place in the world where the most famous sea wolves haven’t put their feet yet. That is KUBANA!

At KUBANA-2014 you are going to get the full set of Mumiy Troll with all their hits. But who knows what to expect from Lagutenko and Company? Anyway, expect unexpected.

  • RedKassa