Severny Flot (RU)

Severny Flot (RU)

For five years we have been wondering if Korol’ and Shut would be invited for the festival. But every time we could give no answer.

Amigos! Welcome with a storm of applause – Severny Flot. This band is created by the former members of Korol’ and Shut.

Their show at KUBANA is going to be one of the first gigs of the band. And in May they promise a release of their first album.

«We want to make our CD as much ‘European’ as possible. Mikha always tried to step aside of the ‘Russian rock’ and we always helped him. We could play whatever we wanted and however we wanted and he could make this a masterpiece. Now we are on our own and we don’t have a second chance for the first album, so we have to make everything proper at once. We have to make it the best! It will not be gentle, but also don’t look forward to hardcore» told us the vocalist Alexander Leontiev.

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