Pegboard Nerds (DK, NO)

Pegboard Nerds (DK, NO)

There is northern electronic music waiting for you at KUBANA. Here comes Dutch-Norwegian duet Pegboard Nerds!

Michael Parsberg and Alexander Odden created unique music style, mixing complextro, brostep, moombahcore, glitch-hop and others. This August the band will plunge you into the vortex of dance ecstasy. It took these guys only a couple of years to turn the world base-stage unpside-down with their popular dubstep and electro-remixes and tracks.

Their new go-pro video of Pegboard Nerds «Hero» collected more than 2.5 mln viewings less than in 24 hours.

And they will fit KUBANA just fine with their energetic mix of electro, dubstep, jazz and hip-hop!

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