Moi dix Mois (JP)

Moi dix Mois (JP)

Amigos, even though for the last couple of years we got used to the guests from the Land of the Rising Sun, they still can surprise us.

This time goth-symphonic-metal band Moi dix Mois will come to Russia for the first time and straight to KUBANA. The leader of the band Mana is truly many-sided person – he writes music and lyrics, makes all the production, stages for all their shows, draws up stage setting and the costumes.

Mana started his career in the band Malice Mizer, which played visual kei, and as experts say, Moi dix Mois is the best from the sound of the former project – pipe organ, cembalo, electro-guitar, synthesized male and female voices, hard rhythm, fast drums. That’s the fresh energetic substance that is going to rock at the Coast of Freedom! 

Their main message is that the human capability is unlimited. And that can be seen in everything they do – first of all in the extremities of Moi dix Mois – classic and avant-garde, elegance and craziness, сreation and destruction… That is what makes the music never heard before.

Amigos! Be prepared! It will be not only loud, but also beautiful.

  • RedKassa