Valery Leontiev (RU)

Valery Leontiev (RU)

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome our special guest of this year – Valery Leontiev! Honoured Artist of Russia, numerous winner of Golden Gramophone in the category «Singer of the year», Ovation and ZD Awards, winner of international «The World Music Awards» and the conqueror of women’s hearts for the last 40 years. His songs always became chartbusters – dozens of hits known to everybody. Bright costumes and catching shows are his trademark!

You just can’t imagine Russian stage for the last 30 years without Valery Leontiev. When somebody mentions bright bell-bottoms the first thought you have is about Valery Leontiev. And you watch his shows with eyes wide open.

And who knows, maybe when you shout «Valery!» at Veselovka beach, a handsome hot man with curly hair will come up to you and say: «It’s Mr.Leontiev, by the way!»

And don’t forget – KUBANA makes impossible possible!

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