Secret party

Secret party

Amigos, as you know this year we have innovations. Many of you already ask us «What is a secret party?» You wanna know the answer? That’s a secret we never tell!

But we can say that two main parties are taking place on the first and the last nights at TURBO Stage.

On these nights 6 bands are going to rock the stage and each of them will be a great surprise for those with LIBRE pass. These bands aren’t in the main line-up so you’ll see them exclusively.

We can’t tell you the names but we give you  a poster-puzzle with six bands from the secret parties of KUBANA-2014! Let’s the game begin!

We remind you that only LIBRE and HOLA passes + two upgrade-MAGIA KUBANA can take part in those parties! You can buy the passes HERE.

  • RedKassa