Bad Manners (UK)

Bad Manners (UK)

English Bad Manners is a unique band that has been the big wheel for almost 35 years. Long ago, in 1979 they joined 2Tone movement. An interesting fact: one of KUBANA-2014 participants – MADNESS – was also the part of this movement.

It’s a band with fantastic drive and energy. Each their show is a unique gig where all the members of the team are involved. And finally KUBANA got this wave of irrepressible energy.

For more than quarter of a century legendary Bad Manners has been constantly on tour and releasing powerful ska-albums. They are known for banter and ironical vocal of their leader – Buster Bloodvessel and abundance of wind instruments.

Where else we haven’t heard this classic British ska of 80s? On the Coast of Freedom! And we are proud to present Bad Manners at KUBANA-2014!

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